KSU300 Portable Ultrasonic Hardness Tester

Leeb Hardness Tester
Main features:

There are many kinds of methods that can be used for hardness testing, and the more commonly used methods are Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers, and Leeb test methods. Among them, Brinell and Rockwell test force is large, indentation is large, and the surface damage of the sample is large, while Vickers adopts optical method to measure, which requires very professional technical personnel to operate, and can not directly test large workpieces; The ultrasonic hardness tester adopts the ultrasonic contact impedance method to compare and measure the styles, which has the advantages of high accuracy, fast speed, portability, and easy operation.

Main parameter:
Measure range:HV50-1599,HRC20-76,HB76-618,HRB41-100,HRA61-85.6,Mpa255-2180
Accuracy:HRC:±1.2HRC; HB:±3%HB;   HV:±3%HV;

KSU300 Portable Ultrasonic Hardness Tester
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