HTBRV-150-XYZ Fully automatic instrumentation Universal hardness testers series

Universal Hardness Tester
Main features:

Product description:
HTBRV-150-XYZ instrumented Burawoy hardness tester is an international fully automatic Brinell, full Rockwell, Vickers, instrumented hardness tester.
The hardness tester has a large loading force range and the loading speed is adjustable in sections.
Automatically perform multi-point and multi-sample automatic measurements.

Performance features:
Automatically measure the loading and unloading curves of loading force-indentation depth;
Automatically measure load and displacement curves over time;
Maximum force value: 200 kg;
The loading and unloading speeds are set in nine different speeds during the loading and unloading process;
Select the measurement area under the microscope, and then measure the hardness curve of this area;
It can be applied to different indenter (diamond conical Rockwell indenter, spherical indenter, diamond square pyramid Vickers indenter, etc.), and can also measure the load-displacement curve;
Measuring Rockwell, surface Rockwell and all Rockwell scale hardness values;
Measure all Vickers hardness values above 2Kg;
Measure all Brinell hardness values from 3-187.5Kg;
Multi-point, multi-sample measurement, batch measurement, such as automatic measurement of the end-quenching curves of six end-quenching samples (optional);
Automatically apply initial test force and automatically apply main test force;
HTBRV-150-XYZ Fully automatic instrumentation Universal hardness testers series
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