HTBRV-187.5DX Universal hardness testers series with Touch Screen

Universal Hardness Tester
Main features:

Main features
1.Equipped Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers test methods
2.Electronic and electric loading, high precision sensor, with a unique closed-loop control system
3. Eyepiece structure with digital encoder, measuring D1, D2 value, LCD directly display hardness value and D1, D2 value
4.Directly select the hardness scale, the force value automatically changes in the test parameters
5.The test force is automatically corrected, and each force is automatically compensated. The accuracy of the force is improved by an order of magnitude
6.Can be calibrated according to standard hardness block or length scale
7.The test force can be automatically corrected by standard dynamometer
8.The hardness values of brinell, rockwell and vickers can be converted
9.Touch screen, easy to operate
10.Automatic hardness conversion according to national standard /ASTM
11.Set password protection setting parameters, more sample and test information
12. U-disk of measurement data is saved in EXCEL format for easy editing and processing

Technical specification
Test force: 5~187.5kgf
Hardness resolution: 0.1HBW
Hardness resolution: 0.1HV
Objective: 2.5X,5X(10X,20X optional)
Magnification of microscope Brinell:37.5X、 Vickers:75X
Hardness measurement Brinell:8~650HBW Rockwell:20~100HR Vickers:8~2900HV
Data output: LCD display,U disk
Max height of specimen Rockwell:220mm、 Brinell Vickers:150mm
Head - wall distance: 200mm
Dimension: 560*260*800mm
Weight: About 70Kg
Power: AC220V+5%,50-60Hz

HTBRV-187.5DX Universal hardness testers series with Touch Screen
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