HTR-150T-XYZ-A Automatic Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell hardness tester

Rockwell Hardness Tester
Main features:

1. All Rockwell and surface Rockwell scales can be measured
2. Conduct the force test according to the standard.
3. The z-axis of the worktable rises and falls automatically, and the x-axis and Y-axis directions of the sample table move automatically.
4. Press the start key, the worktable will rise automatically, the sample will be loaded and unloaded automatically after touching the indenter, and the hardness value will be displayed automatically;
Automatically move to the next measurement point for automatic measurement.
5. According to the standard hardness block, each hardness scale is automatically corrected in three sections: high, medium and low.
6. Measure any point on any sample within the range of 100mm * 100mm.
7. High precision X / y automatic mobile station is adopted, and the repetition accuracy is 0.005 mm.
8. Set measuring points, conduct multi-point full-automatic testing, batch testing, and greatly improve the efficiency.
9. Various fixtures can be customized for batch testing of different samples.
10. The database processing function is powerful, including: HR, Hb, HV and other hardness system
conversion, setting the qualified range, exceeding the limit automatic alarm, and inputting the tester,sample name and other information. The measurement parameters and data are automatically saved to the database.
11. When the hardness tester host is used independently, the data USB flash disk is directly saved in Excel format for easy editing and processing.
12. The product is designed and produced by itself, has independent intellectual property rights and software copyright, and can be customized and upgraded for a long time.

Technical Parameters:

Model HTR-150T-XYZ-A
Initial test force 10kgf(98.07N)
Total test force 60kgf(588N), 100kgf(980N),150kgf(1471N)
Test scope HHRA:20-88HRB:20-100 HRC:20-70 HRD:40-77 HRE:70-100 HRF:60-100 HRG:30-94HRH:80-100HRK:40-100HRL:100-120 HRM:85-115 HRR:114-125
standard GB/T230 , ISO 6508, ASTM E18, BSEN 6508
Duration Time 0-99s
Hardness value resolution 0.1HR
Test force error 1.0%
data output LCD display
Exchange Scales Surface Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers
Maximum allowable specimen height 300mm for ordinary sample table; 200mm with X mobile station; 100mm for X / y mobile station
Distance from indenter to machine wall 200mm
X / y motor table stroke 100mmoptional: 200mm
Accuracy of X / y motor table 0.005mm
Size 560×280×850mm
Weight 80kg
Power Supply AC220+5%,5060Hz,600W

HTR-150T-XYZ-A Automatic Rockwell and Superficial Rockwell hardness tester
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