MPJ-25 Metallographic Specimen Grinding Machine

Metallographic Abrasive Band Grinder
Main features:

During the preparation of metallographic specimen, the surface of the cut specimen or the surface of the unprocessed specimen is rough and uneven. In order to improve the quality to the specimen preparation and the working efficiency, the cut section of the specimen may be first rectified on a rectifying machine and then be pre-grinded and polished. MPJ-25 Metallographic Sample Grinding Machine is the fit of the hard work of various technicians and various requirements.

2.Technical Parameters:
Model: MPJ-25
Platen speed: 1400r/min
Dimension of Abrasive wheel: 250*30*32mm
Electromotor: 750W, 380V, 50Hz
Dimension: 730*420*360mm
Net weight: 70kg

MPJ-25 Metallographic Specimen Grinding Machine
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Main features
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