KSDPF-2 Electrolytic Polishing and Etching Machine

Metallographic Abrasive Band Grinder
Main features:


KSDPF-2 electrolytic polishing and etching machine is a set of electrolytic polishing and etching

function as one of the metallographic sample preparation machines, suitable for use in factories,

universities, research institutions and other laboratories.

The machine uses the electrochemical principle to do metallographic sample preparation.

Electrolytic polishing and etching metallographic samples prepared to avoid the deformation caused

by the mechanical polishing layer, so the organization is true without illusion.

Therefore it is the best method of preparation of titanium, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous

metals and high-temperature alloy samples.

The instrument is designed to have higher operating voltage and operating current, metallographic

preparation for the larger size of the specimen left a large margin, especially suitable for welding

metallographic sample preparation.

2.Technical Parameters:



Electrolytic Output

DC 0~60V / 0~25

Continuously Adjustable, Digital Display


Work Time Can Be Set

Electrolyte Capacity


Electric Box Size (mm)

450*420*230 (H)

Corrosion Workbench


Input Power

AC 220V, 10A (Max.)

Net Weight

10.00 KG

KSDPF-2 Electrolytic Polishing and Etching Machine
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