KSCUT-80ZF Manual Auto Metallographic Cutting Machine

Metallographic Cutting Machine
Main features:

KSCUT-80ZF Manual And Automatic Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine (Upright) is used to cut various metal and non-metal specimen so as to observe the material organization of metallographic and lithofacies.
This machine is Manual And Automatic Cutting together, it can be changed to manual or automatic arbitrarily. Under automatic operation, no need person to operate. Super-large worktable and super-length cutting distance, it could cut the big specimen.

2.Technical Parameters:
Model: KSCUT-80ZF
Max. Cutting Diameter: Ø 80mm
Workbench Y move travel: 200 mm/min
Spindle Speed: 2300 rpm/min
Grinding Wheel: 250*2.5*32 mm
Cutting table size: 290*300mm
Water tank capacity: 65L
Cutting mode: Manual and auto

KSCUT-80ZF Manual Auto Metallographic Cutting Machine
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