KSCUT-60S Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine

Metallographic Cutting Machine
Main features:

The machine can cut the samples of metal and non-metal materials, so as to observe metallographic and petrographic structure of the materials.
Its cooling device uses well-formulated cooling liquid to take away the heat during cutting, thus preventing the damage caused by overheat of the sample.
The machine,easy to use,safe and reliable,is an indispensable sample preparation equipment for the labs of plants, research institutes and universities and colleges.

Technical specifications:
★ Model: KSCUT-60S
★ Power supply : 380V, 50Hz (three phases)
★ Rotating speed of main shaft : 2800rpm
★ Max. cutting diameter :  ø60mm
★ Sand wheel specification : 250x2x32mm
★ Motor : 2.2KW
★ Dimensions : 710x645x710mm
★ Weight : approx. 115kg
★ Cutting modes: Manual
★ Cooling tank: 50L

KSCUT-60S Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine
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