KSCUT200-P Metallographic Plate Precision Cutting

Metallographic Cutting Machine
Main features:

The KSCUT200-P metallographic precision flat cutting machine is suitable for cutting samples of semiconductors, crystals, circuit boards, fasteners, metal materials, rocks and ceramics. The machine body is smooth, spacious and generous, providing a good working platform. And adopts high torque and high power servo motor and stepless variable speed control system, which has high efficiency and stability. Good visibility and cutting ability minimize the difficulty of operation and are easy to use. Moreover, the machine is equipped with a variety of different fixtures, which can cut irregularly shaped workpieces. It is a high-quality precision cutting machine suitable for scientific research institutions and enterprises.

Model: KSCUT200-P
Y axis range: 200mm
Diamond cutting wheel: 200*0.9*32mm
Spindle rotation speed: 500-3000rpm
Automatic cutting speed: 0.01-3mm/s
Power: 600W
Voltage: 220V, 50Hz

KSCUT200-P Metallographic Plate Precision Cutting
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