KS-EP06X Electrolytic Polishing Corrosion Tester

Metallographic Polishing Machine
Main features:

Product Introduction

KS-EP06X Electrolytic polishing corrosion tester is a metallographic sample making instrument integrating electrochemical polishing and corrosion functions. Suitable for factories, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other laboratory use. The equipment can be used for the preparation of metallographic samples on the basis of electrochemical principle. It can also be used for the polishing of metallographic samples and corrosion of metallographic samples. It has the advantages of quick sample preparation, good repeatability and no deformation layer machining, etc. It is an ideal equipment for the preparation of metallographic samples for non-ferrous metal samples, steel, especially stainless steel.

Main Technical parameters



Working voltage

AC220V 50 hz

Electrolytic output

DC 0~100V / 0~6A, continuously adjustable, digital display;

Voltage and current regulation, display accuracy

Voltage 0.01V/ current 0.001A

Constant temperature range

At room temperature to 100 ℃ + / - 1 ℃

Time display

Working hours can be set

Container capacity

800 ml

Cooling system

Cooling coil, external tap water cooling

Electric box size

292 * 380 * 120 mm

Magnetic agitator size

240 * 190 * 130 mm

Total power

900 w

Total weight

15 kg

KS-EP06X Electrolytic Polishing Corrosion Tester
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